A magical mix of Irish Song, Music & Dance

For over 2,000 years, our Gaelic story has grown and shaped us as a nation and as a people. A rugged coastline hugs a tiny island, once a barren landscape, quiet and free…

But in that time, our story took root, springing new life through generations of song, music and dance. Along the way, wars, famine and strife have met us face-to-face. Through it all, we clung to what we held dearest and what we knew best: our gaelic roots.

Everywhere we go, we take our story with us – to every continent on this earth – showing the world a piece of who we are. From the rolling hills in County Donegal to the most scenic and southerly welcome in Kerry, our history, heritage and culture define us.

This is Ireland. This is our story.

To this day, our proud and cultured past pumps free through Irish veins. It colours how we see the world, and how the rest of the world sees us. With open hearts and arms, we invite you to re-live that journey with us; walk the road that we once took; follow the path that has now brought us together in one place.

Forever, our hearts and minds are joined in celtic spirit to the place from which it all sprung life – our gaelic roots.

Gaelic Roots Killarney
Gaelic Roots, The O'Neill Sisters
Gaelic Roots musicians
Gaelic Roots singers

“Excellent entertainment”

This show is a great mix of traditional singing and dancing along with the more modern. All the performers are given a chance to impress.
The show lasts over 2 hours and is excellent way to spend one night of your holidays.